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  • Keys and CASH fuel deposit are required at check-in. Change and fuel receipts will be left in your vehicle.

  • Vehicles Shuttled to McCall will be brought to the public parking behind Albertsons Market if a specific location is not indicated on the reservation form.

  • Vehicles shuttled to Riggins will be brought to Shorts Bar

  • Vehicle breakdowns cost us time, money and ultimately affect our shuttle fees. They will also cost you. When breakdowns or delays cause a number of shuttle drivers to be detained, we will pass that charge onto you to cover those expenses.    

  • Before you leave for your river trip, make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound. Check lights, fluids, belts, and tires. You will be charged an additional fee to bring fluids to safe levels. 




  • Unless indicated on the reservation form, extra keys are required. Keys will be locked inside your vehicle under the driver side seat at the take-out.

  • If shuttle destination is your Motel or Airport, keys will be left at the motel front desk or air taxi office. (Extra keys are not required)


  • If the details of your rental car are unknown, please enter "rental" in the required fields of the reservation form. Details can later be included on the hand written form when checking in at one of our key drop locations, or emailed using the contact form.

  • Hertz rental agency carries a list of all River Shuttles drivers. We recommend using Hertz rental agency if you would like to add our drivers to your rental car insurance policy.




  • All trailers must be able to travel safely at normal road speeds.

  • Trailer hitch and ball must be the correct size and the hitch must be attached securely. The hitch must be appropriate for the weight and size of the trailer. You must have safety chains and trailer lights must work.

  • Trailers must have a spare tire that is attached securely. If the trailer spare or hitch is locked, be sure you leave us a key.

  • Do not leave garbage or loose items in trailers.

  • Trailer bearings must be serviced before your trip.





  • Mountain Village Lodge in Stanley (please deposit in lock box at front desk).

  • Stagecoach Inn in Salmon (please deposit in lock box in lobby area).

  • Salmon Airport in Salmon (please leave at air taxi front desk). 


  • Payment can be left with gas deposit and keys at one of our check-in locations. Payment can also be left in your vehicle if specified on the reservation form.

  • Mail check to PO Box 19 Carmen, ID. 83462.


     Shuttle fees will not be refunded if reservations are cancelled less than a week prior to   

     your launch date.

** If you are requesting a pre or post season single car shuttle, it is a good idea to call ahead and ensure that we are able to meet your request. Single car shuttles that we are unable to pair with other runs will be charged an additional fee.

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